Introduction to Research and Technology Company

Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (NPC-RT)

1- Vision

Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (NPC-RT) as a supplier of significant technologies for producing petrochemicals in Iran and a serious competitor for technology providers in regional and global scope, is ranked first in supplying technology for Iranian National Petrochemical Company (NIPC). It also creates technology security for the country and economic benefits for stakeholders through selling the know-how internationally.

2- Mission Statement
NPC-RT is the country's mainstay for research and production of technology in all fields of petrochemical industry. The missions of the company are as follows:
• Creating know-how and technology independence and security for petrochemical industry in Iran
• Generating wealth through research, know-how and technology development activities
• Doing research in various fields of petrochemical production processes and scaling up the research achievements into technology and presenting the results to customers and stakeholders
• Doing research in the field of catalysts and chemicals in petrochemical industry and offering the developed technology to customers and stakeholders
• Doing research in the field of upgrading technologies that are used in petrochemical production plants with the aim of increasing the economic benefits and safety as well as reducing adverse environmental impacts
• Doing research in order to optimize production processes and removing production bottlenecks
• Doing research in modern know -how and the-state-of-the-art technologies.

3- Fundamental Values

Being the provider of localized know-how for the petrochemical industry, NPC-RT considers respecting the following principles:
• Maintaining Moral values and human dignity
• Honesty and transparency
• Observing intellectual rights of people
• Personal and social responsibility
• Public contribution
• Accountability to and respect for stakeholders
• Value-creation
• Optimal use of national resources
• Improving creativity and innovation
• Continuous improvement
• Protecting intellectual property rights, collective wisdom, creativity and innovation

4- Major Objectives

Relying on the national capabilities and local know-how, NPC-RT's strategic plan aims at creating know-how in petrochemical industry, optimizing the processes and upgrading the technologies that are employed in production plants, with emphasis on customer orientation, customer satisfaction and benefits for stakeholders and investors. Major objectives of the company are defined in five following fields:
• Compilation of the needed know-how in Iran's petrochemical industry
- Compiling know-how for producing petrochemical products
- Compiling technical know-how for producing required catalysts
- Compiling technical know-how of chemicals needed in downstream petrochemical sector
• Optimization and problem solving in processes of production plants
• Improvement of existing know-how
• Development of the- state-of-the-art
• Development of technical know-how
- Products development and their applications
- Technology development
• Commercialization of Company's know-how

Indigenous Technologies